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​A portrait that portrays purity without lies

Self-coincidence is the most important thing in building a relationship of trust with others.

When you hear about relationships of trust with others, you may think of some kind of approach to others, but the first thing to be aware of is your own self-coincidence.

To put it simply, self-match is that the words, gestures, and actions that appear outside are the same as what is inside you, such as what you feel, think, and think.

Or be conscious of the words, gestures, and actions when revealing what is inside you.

Therefore, self-conformity is also called "purity".

For the 14 years since I learned clinical psychology, I am still conscious of self-coincidence (purity) every day, and I often tell it in psychology lessons and counseling lectures. It is one of the important skills (I personally say that self-matching is a skill).

And even as a photographer specializing in portraits, who is my main job, I decided to "release a lie-free shutter for myself and the subject" after being aware of my innocence before getting involved with the subject. do my best.

As the photographer, I concentrate on portraying the purity of others (subjects) while being aware of my own purity.

It may be a slightly mysterious portrait that can only be felt by the person who is the subject.

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