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先ずは今日、この場所、この文章から、スタートです! 追伸 : もちろん写真での表現においても、自分の内面の視覚化を目的とする場合も少なくありません。

フォトグラファー MAL

【Message spelled out by photographers with clinical psychology skills and experience in photographs and words / Vol.1 "Walnuts and Human Dock”】

The first human dock at the age of 55.

As a result, there were some points to be noted in detail and follow-up observations, but one of them was "Brain atrophy due to sugar accumulation?", Which was also considered as follow-up observation.

According to the teacher, there is a high possibility that you will have a hard time in the future due to poor memory.

It's been more than 3 years since I stopped using SNS such as Facebook, but during that time I stopped writing sentences, so I decided to take the opportunity of this human dock result to resume converting what is inside into words and letters. increase.

What came to my mind, imagination, image, what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling now ...

Such feelings and thoughts that exist in me are converted into languages ​​and letters, and are expressed as expressions that can be conveyed to people.

If I can do that, I feel that I can continue to communicate with others in the future, so I am conscious of improving food and light exercise, including the meaning of training, and expressing what is inside by verbalization and transliteration. I'm going to restart.

First of all, start from this sentence today!

PS: Of course, even in the expression in photographs, there are many cases where the purpose is too visualize one's inner side.

Photographer MAL


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