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​Midlife Crisis and Adult Profile Photos

Midlife crisis, the midlife crisis in Japanese, is something that many people face, and it has been said that it is often seen around the age of 40, but the average life expectancy has increased recently. As a result, it is said that it now occurs in the late 30s to 50s, or even in the 60s and 70s.

Although there are individual differences in age and timing, one day he suddenly stops and begins to think deeper about his life than ever before.

If you notice it, your anxiety and worries will grow, and vaguely "I don't know what to do" "Is this all right in the future?"

Perhaps it is not uncommon for the person to do so without knowing it or noticing it.


It is said that feeling weakness and anxiety in terms of mental, physical and health is a major factor, but I personally think that the element of self-coincidence (purity) is also deeply involved.

For example, it is a time when a person who has lived without self-coincidence begins to feel uncomfortable with his or her self-disagreement (impureness) at the same time as the mental and physical deterioration, or it is a time to think about future self-coincidence.


My own mid-life crisis had a long period of time, because of the large degree of self-disagreement and the accumulation of physical and psychological damage, the whirlpool was very painful and uncomfortable to live, at which time my life was completely dead. I still think so (this is not a lie).


However, in this process, a person who seriously faces, accepts, and overcomes himself can grow dramatically as a person and feel more comfortable with others (self-consensus,). Self-acceptance, approval of others, contributions to loved ones and others), I think so.


The introduction has become longer, but ...

What is the profile picture of the person who has broken through the midlife crisis that I think of?

Faces that are the same at work and private, or the difference is small.

Even if there is a difference between the two sides of work and private life, it is OK if you are aware of the difference or difference, or if you are doing it consciously, it is self-consensus. It can be said that it is in a state.

However, even if you have not experienced the midlife crisis yet, those with a high level of consciousness may have already done so.


Midlife Crisis A port where all of the faces and appearances of people who have faced, accepted, noticed, and grown up appear as self-coincidence (purity), and their charm and individuality are condensed. It is a rate.


Self-coincidence (purity) is also the most important thing for building a relationship of trust between people, and the profile picture that makes you feel that is the power to give the viewer a sense of security, healing, and courage. is included.


A portrait that feels pure and has grown dramatically as a person through a mid-life crisis.

I would like to see an adult profile picture that can be an opportunity to build a relationship of trust online at a glance.

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