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~ Portrait for Existence Recognition ~ Portrait for Existence Recognition

The human mind cannot live without strokes.

The definition of stroke in psychological terms is "I know you are there."

A portrait taken using photography and psychology expertise and techniques based on the concept of "existence recognition / STROKE", which is the most important and minimalistic way for people to live healthy, which no one will tell us.

There are the powers and possibilities of photography that many have yet to realize.

Click here for a little more detailed explanation of "existence recognition"

A single portrait has the power to give courage, healing, and awareness.

Feelings as a person with the title of living in society.

Feelings as a family.

Or, feelings as a person.

By knowing and being aware of "existence recognition / STROKE" that I had never thought of before

Over time, it slowly leads to self-conformity (purity), self-acceptance, and approval of others.

Sometimes it can be self-healing, self-healing, or even grief care.

Portrait for "existence recognition / STROKE" that has the potential to change people's minds and lives ... 

The answer you want is in that one piece.

~ The power and potential in Portraits ~ 

After working as an artist in Paris, a photographer with 30 years of experience, from portrait photography of celebrities and talents to portrait photography of the general public, learned psychology and also worked as a clinical psychology counselor for 12 years. , One portrait.

Taken with the concept of "existence recognition / STROKE" using photography and psychological expertise, it has a positive effect on the human mind, and gives courage, healing, and awareness to the subject and his loved ones. From my experience, I have come to think that its power may eventually change small habits, change people, and make life more positive.


Although it is a little technical, "STROKE", which is performed consciously or unconsciously through the process of taking a picture, looking at the finished portrait, thinking about it, feeling it, and getting noticed, is self-conformity. , Self-acceptance, self-affirmation, self-transformation, approval of others, etc. I think it also has an element of grief care to mitigate.


However, the process of portrait photography is also very important for that, and the process has a great influence on how the person perceives and feels after shooting or looking at the finished photograph.


To put it simply, there is no lie to the subject, it is a positive way of shooting based on empathic understanding, and I myself, who is the photographer, is pure (I have no lie). I am conscious of releasing the shutter in the state.

While feeling the rhythm, pace, and emotions of the subject, I will shoot with such a stance that I seem to be there and not there, and I am not there and I am there.


Therefore, there are many clients who are not good at taking pictures.


When I looked at the shooting process and the pictures that portrayed me, "I'm fine as it is", "I have this kind of myself", "I like myself, I love you", "I'm lovely, cute, beautiful, cool" "I'm doing my best" "Something comfortable" "I can be even more wonderful" "This feeling ... I remembered" "This is my first experience" "It's a little embarrassing, but something good!" "Fun!" I would be glad if you could feel the sensation or any awareness.


As a psychological approach, by throwing a positive stroke on a person's internal and emotional parts, the person's mind becomes more positive, which also appears in the face / appearance, facial expression / gesture, language and behavior. ..

At the same time, by using portrait photography that clearly captures the subject, I think it is possible to depict the very existence of the person and reach a portrait for my concept of "existence recognition / STROKE". ..


I don't think I'm an artist myself, but I think art exists.

The art I think of is the moment when people change.

If a moment comes when a person changes more positively due to the courage, healing, and awareness that the portrait gives, including the shooting process and the shared time, that time, the space itself is a precious art that will never be visited, and that moment I feel that the portraits I portray are also precious and irreplaceable.


Print out the portrait you took and decorate it in your living room or room.

It depicts you, your loved ones, or your family.

Look at the portraits that depict the existence of your precious self and your loved ones in your daily life, and think about the existence there, which gives you a stroke, both consciously and unconsciously, and makes you aware of it. ..

While sharing the process during that time, the human mind slowly moves in a positive direction and becomes a state of mind where a sense of fulfillment and happiness can be felt (existence recognition / STROKE).

Alternatively, through those strokes, awareness, time sharing and process, anxiety and loneliness are alleviated, slowly accepted, and a stable state of mind is approached (grief care).


This is the possibility of photography, and the power of portraits.

It's nice to decorate the work of a well-known artist, but I'll print a large print of a high-quality portrait of myself, a loved one, or the existence of my family and decorate it as a work.

I think that if it allows you and your loved ones to move in a more positive direction and have a more fulfilling life, that is the true art for them. ..

~ Portrait depicting purity without lies ~ Portrait depicting purity

Self-coincidence is the most important thing in building a relationship of trust with others.

When you hear about relationships of trust with others, you may think of some kind of approach to others, but the first thing to be aware of is your own self-coincidence.

To put it simply, self-match is that the words, gestures, and actions that appear outside are the same as what is inside you, such as what you feel, think, and think.

Or be conscious of the words, gestures, and actions when revealing what is inside you.

Therefore, self-conformity is also called "purity".

For the 14 years since I learned clinical psychology, I am still conscious of self-coincidence (purity) every day, and I often tell it in psychology lessons and counseling lectures. It is one of the important skills (I personally say that self-matching is a skill).

And even as a photographer specializing in portraits, who is my main job, I decided to "release a lie-free shutter for myself and the subject" after being aware of my innocence before getting involved with the subject. do my best.

As the photographer, I concentrate on portraying the purity of others (subjects) while being aware of my own purity.

It may be a slightly mysterious portrait that can only be felt by the person who is the subject.

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