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Chapter2: Portrait of the beginning / Face yourself through the subject

A portrait taken on the streets of Paris in 1994. The man, who had been worried for a long time, was always weak on his wheelchair and couldn't even see his drooping face, but when he asked me to take a picture, he said, "Of course." The appearance of this photo as it is. I can't forget the moment when the air suddenly changed while answering "I'm rooting for you, be absolutely famous" and "Of course" from him after shooting. I have a feeling of respect and gratitude for a long time. The style that was taken for the externalization of the mind that was directed a little was settled by announcing it in Paris, but the continuation of this work that will be the next stage will be taken 20 years later. I couldn't even imagine it would be later. For the first time, I faced the subject one-on-one from the front, and while I was conscious of giving priority to the depiction of the existence of the subject itself, it was necessary for me, who was still immature at the time, to face myself through the subject. It is also a work that gave me an opportunity to know.

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