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Chapter6: Presence and Message / Edge of Life

"Existence and Message" was built while reducing psychological skills after returning to the photographer, and "Edge of Life" derived from it. While specializing in portraying the energy of living and the very existence of human beings, the subject is people with terminal cancer and those who are living their lives in their own way. A portrait where you can interact with yourself ... The answer you want may be in one of them.

  [Edge of Life]

This project has overcome the survival rate of 0% by itself, and is currently underway with the cooperation of Ms. Kouka Yoshimoto, who is also the representative of NPO Smile Girls. In addition, as another collaboration, we created "FACE / At the time of life", and at the venue, we are using a projector to screen it together with two other FACEs at the same time.

[Koka Yoshimoto: Representative of NPO Smile Girls]

Representative of NPO Smile Girls Experienced recurrence and metastasis from cervical cancer to lymph nodes and liver 5 times. He was said to have a short life expectancy, but miraculously remitted. Currently, based on that experience, he is developing activities mainly to support female cancer patients and their families with his colleagues.

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