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あなた自身のポートレートが、Artという名の「時間」のなかで、あなたや家族、大切な人の側に「存在」する。/ Your own portrait "exists" beside you, your f












記事 : Photographer MAL / 丸本祐佐

Title :

Your own portrait "exists" beside you, your family, and your loved ones in the "time" called Art.

Recently, I have been working on a still life as a subject, which I had not chosen before, but after 30 plus years of taking the shutter, I have been puzzling over how difficult photography can be.

I have always photographed "people" as my subjects, using only my sensibility, but as a result of studying psychology, practicing psychological counseling, and all my own life experiences, I have arrived at my current concept of "existence recognition/strokes and purity. I feel the difficulty in striving for a second concept derived from the above concept first, and a theoretical expression that is in line with that concept.

By combining portraiture and psychology, I finally arrived at my own unique concept.

While trying to be a "theoretical expression" based on the concept, I also make it an "emotional expression" of my own concept and experiences in my own life.

I am experimenting with the idea that by exploring the knowledge and techniques to project these "theoretical and emotional expressions" onto a newly chosen subject, this work may become the first "photograph" that is visible to the eye.

Existence" has been the theme of prominent psychologists and philosophers in the past.

I want as many people as possible to experience the "art of photography and portrait photography," which I started as a means of confronting my own "existence" and making it into my own real life, and for that purpose I am photographing your portraits while striving to apply and evolve my knowledge and techniques, including the production of artwork. We are also working on the application and evolution of knowledge and techniques, including the production of works of art.

Your own portrait "exists" beside you, your family, and your loved ones in the "time" called Art.

Art is the very way of life of a "conscious" person, its space, its time, its very existence.

It is emotional, theoretical, expressive, expressive, and negotiation itself.

Therefore, no matter what situation a person is in, if he or she has the desire to live, knows the existence of self and others, and acts with awareness, I believe that Art will lead him or her to happiness.

Article : Photographer MAL / Yusuke Marumoto

あなたがそこにいることを私は知っている ©︎MAL


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